A Beautiful Quartzite Fusion Remodel

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One of our customers sent us photos of their complete kitchen remodel project. They used a unique quartzite material named “Fusion” for their countertops and Renaissance created a custom stacked edge to accentuate the raised tops on the kitchen peninsula.


Beautiful kitchen remodel using Fusion quartzite & a custom stacked edge created by Renaissance Granite & Quartz.

Fusion is a type of quartzite and is considered a genuine stone that is quarried from the earth. Typically found in shades of gray and white, quartzite is a more durable option than marble, but is still more porous than¬†granite, leaving it vulnerable to etching. Quartzite is a beautiful and durable options for any kitchen or bath project. Read our blog post “All About Quartzite” to learn more about this unique stone.


The custom edge on the raised kitchen peninsula was created by stacking a half bullnose and ogee edge. An ogee edge is also found on the lower level perimeter countertops.


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