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The Teleflora Company thinks of themselves as a service organization as opposed to an actual florist. This thought process is undoubtedly for several reasons. While they accept orders, it is not actually Teleflora who fulfills those orders. Instead, they have a network of over 38,000 member and affiliated florists throughout the United States, Canada and North America.

Teleflora is headquartered in Los Angeles, California – as many flower companies are. They have been in the flower business for more than 75 years. Their specialty is ensuring that your flower order is fulfilled quickly and professionally using only the best flowers possible. They instruct their partners who supply and arrange your order to personally deliver your order in a beautiful vase. This adds a personal touch and ensures that the quality and overall appeal are in top order upon arrival. With a gift like this, the first impression is the only impression.

Low Costs Mean Low Prices

Technology has played a huge role in Teleflora’s history. They are continually seeking the most modern technology possible. By always looking for ways to improve their operations, they are able to run as efficiently as possible. Efficient operations save both the customer and the company money. This is perhaps an explanation as to why their prices are so low. Although the prices are low, the service can be offered with high expectations. Teleflora only uses the top suppliers in the business. Having this realization helps to put doubts to rest.

It can be difficult to guarantee products when every detail is not overseen by Teleflora. However, they are sure to guarantee satisfaction to every customer on every order. This is possible because of their fine-tuned process with each and every florist they use. If you or your recipients are not completely satisfied with your order of flowers or plants, you are urged to contact Teleflora to allow them to make it right.

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Unique, Beautiful Arrangements Hand Delivered

Each arrangement is hand-crafted with confidence and delivered usually on the same day. Quite literally from the time you order to the time your thoughtful bouquet is delivered can take as little as four hours. Only experts are used to fulfill your orders. With unfailing attention to every detail, your order should be unlike any other. Exceptional delivery processes allow for true assurance that your flowers will arrive to their fullest potential.

Some florists ship flowers in a box to get to your recipient. When bouquets are sent in a box, there is great risk of dehydration and wilting. Not to mention, the overall look and feel of the gift is not nearly as elegant as it otherwise would be if placed artistically in a vase. Because Teleflora sends their arrangements in vase, hand-delivered, the flowers are completely fresh which means that your recipient will have longer to enjoy their beautiful colors and fresh fragrances.

Something that is key for every company is customer feedback. Teleflora proudly shows off their customer feedback with their own personal customer testimonials. There are many people who have been thrilled at the style and service that Teleflora has to offer. It is indeed something of comfort to know that past customers have been treated so well.

How Teleflora Delivers Your Flower Arrangement

It has been mentioned earlier that Teleflora uses a network of suppliers and florists to fulfill their orders. This means that they do not grow their own flowers, but rather they hire someone else who does to provide their floral arrangements. With 18,000 member florists and an additional 20,000 affiliated florists, Teleflora has extensive resources available to fulfill almost any order to come their way.

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