Dense enough to be a type of marble, travertine is a  form of calcium carbonate that is usually hard and semi-crystalline with a concentric appearance . This natural sedimentary stone is the result of hot spring water deposits that create layers of dissolved limestone and other minerals for a banded look. Travertine countertops are available in three general color tones, yellow, cream, and red; more colorful variations are the result of hot underground water dissolving other minerals at the same time. Classic cream is the most popular travertine choice for residential and commercial projects, and is increasingly used for vanity, bar, commercial counter and niche applications.

Travertine is porous by nature, a uniform finish can be achieved by filling the porous holes with cement before polishing. Using proper cleaning and sealing methods will keep all your travertine surfaces looking and feeling brand new. When spills occur, clean up immediate to help prevent staining of the stone. Beautiful and rustic, our travertine stone is a solid choice for flooring, countertops, cladding and much more.

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