Our onyx collection is a show stopper with natural beauty, translucence and contrasting color. Onyx is a banded variety of chalcedony, a group name for a large family of stones, all of which form from silicon dioxide, also known as, quartz. This semi-precious stone is classed as chalcedony because of its variety of banded color and a milky to transparent consistency.  Onyx is formed from the layered deposits in warm springs and limestone caves where water dissolves and carries fine mineral re-deposits. These re-deposited crystals fuse together for millions of years and form the translucent layers.

Found mostly in India and South American, the  most classic color combination for onyx has red or brown bands alternating with white; black bands and primarily black onyx does exist but is more rare. Quartz and onyx are similar but have different crystal structures, making onyx a softer stone that is easier to scratch, chip and stain. Taking extra care in preventing these scenarios along with proper cleaning and sealing is crucial for maintaining your onyx surface. A great stone for fireplaces, bar tops or kitchen islands, the translucent quality of onyx can be enhanced with back-lighting to produce a magnificent glow.

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