Marble brings luxury and elegance to any setting, which is why we select only the highest quality stone for our projects. Marble is a  metamorphic rock that is the result of limestone or dolomite that has undergone metamorphosis. The texture and design of marble depends on the form, size and uniformity of the re-crystallized original carbonate mineral grains. Coloring of marble depends on what minerals are present during metamorphosis. Pure limestone and dolomite will produce a pure white marble. Any impurities like graphite, sand, silt, iron oxides, etc. create bands in stone while they are recrystallized with the limestone or dolomite.

Softer and more porous than granite, marble can be sealed to protect against stains, but is not recommended for rigorous kitchen use. The polish can etch or dull easily if acidic liquids like wine, coffee, juices and alcohol are spilled on the surface.  Spills should be handled immediately to prevent staining and regular cleaning and sealing, with the proper supplies, ensures your marble surface will stay stunning and beautiful now and in the future. As with all stone surfaces, using a trivet for hot dishes will help prevent any damage.

See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page or Contact Us directly with any other questions. The gallery below is just a portion of the marble we offer; visit our showroom to see the entire collection.