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Gorgeous bouquets of stunning flowers are available in all different types and sizes. When it comes to speedy delivery and fantastic arrangements, Beyond Blossoms can provide. flower delivery with Beyond Blossoms is available for the same day the order was made depending upon certain factors. As long as the flower order is placed before2pm on weekdays and 12pm on Saturdays, your recipient will have a stunning arrangement delivered in less than twenty four hours from the time of purchase.

The majority of florists in the industry charge additional prices for the delivery of the flowers to your recipient. This is why prices often seem incredibly low and end up costing a fortune. Hidden fees and surprise charges are not Beyond Blossoms’ way of conducting business. This is why they include the delivery costs in with the original prices. By eliminating the element of surprise, Beyond Blossoms gives straight-forward prices that are surprisingly low. Fresh flowers with a low cost are hard to come by these days. Luckily, customers can sit back and relax knowing that all charges and fees are included in their original prices quotes.

Safety and Security with Online Shopping

Something else that is not overlooked by Beyond Blossoms is the fact that they value their customer’s safety and privacy. Too many websites these days are not protected using encryption type software to safeguard your personal information. Beyond Blossoms uses a secure checkout process known as VeriSign.

VeriSign is one of the leaders in online security features. This means that you can input your sensitive information such as your name, address and credit card numbers onto the website without a fear that your valuable identity will fall into the wrong hands. Such a feeling of safety is priceless when shopping online. It has been Beyond Blossoms’ goal to ensure that safety is considered at all times.

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Supporting Local Businesses with Beyond Blossoms

The national economy isn’t quite as strong as it used to be. Supporting local businesses has never been so important. Beyond Blossoms supports local businesses in the area from which your recipient is located. They do this by teaming up with affiliated florists all over the United States and Canada in order to fulfill each and every order in a timely manner. Local florists are able to earn more business this way which puts more revenue into the local communities from which your recipient is located.

Beyond Blossoms ensures that the flowers they provide are as fresh as possible. The beautiful pictures that can be viewed on their site are a direct reflection of the actual flowers that get delivered. Fresh flowers with vibrant colors are what you can anticipate to get from Beyond Blossoms every time. In fact, they are so sure their flowers will be fresh for their customers that they offer a seven day freshness guarantee.

Other Services from Beyond Blossoms

Beyond Blossoms entices their customers back again and again by creating useful services on their website. One example of this is that they have created a function to allow their valued customers to create individual accounts. An individual account is incredibly useful for anyone who gives multiple gifts to friends and family every year.

The account for each individual saves shipping information in the form of an address book to help speed up future orders. There are customizable occasion reminders available to be sent to customer’s email addresses to ensure they do not forget special events for friends and family. Also, special member deals and discounts are sent to those who have a member account to keep everyone up to date about the special offers available.

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