Avas Flowers – Fast Flower Delivery Service

For more than thirty years, Avas Flowers has continued to provide complete customer satisfaction in the flower business. From their humble beginnings as a brick and mortar shop, Avas Flowers has grown into a website and a member of many impressive associations that are well respected within the flower industry. Having a solid comprehension of the needs of their customers, they have taken it upon themselves to create a high level of customer service to keep their customers coming back time and time again.

By taking the business online, Avas Flowers can now offer their customers the convenience and privacy of ordering directly from their website at all times. This allows for simple order placement and a detailed catalog of the many, many different gifting options of floral bouquets available to all. With personalized care given to each flower arrangement, it is no wonder that Avas Flowers continues to please customers every day.

An FTD Florist

This family business is a professional FTD florist that offers local florist delivered floral arrangements across the Nation. They are members of The Society for American Florists, Teleflora, Top FTD Florist, 800Flowers Florist, Chamber of Commerce and VFW. Having these connections has enabled Avas Flowers to grow as well as to service a wide customer base that is far larger than their retail business could ever have brought in.

By using only the best flowers possible, Avas Flowers has continued to stay alive and well in the flower industry. With beautiful presentations and personalized messaging available, the gift choices here are a great way to say what you are feeling to those you care for. Regardless of the occasion, Avas Flowers has a gift that will fit your needs. From birthdays to anniversaries, from corporate events to wedding anniversaries, there are so many varieties available it’s mind boggling.

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Accessible at All Times

Avas Flowers provides a toll free phone number for friendly customer service representatives to answer customer’s questions. This toll free phone number is available literally seven days a week, twenty four hours a day. Clearly, their commitment to your approval is a very big priority. Quality and service are never overlooked as this family business truly appreciates that their customers are in fact the reason they are doing business today.

Thanks to their participation in the FTD florist network, they guarantee customer satisfaction with every single order that is delivered in the United States and Canada. Dissatisfied customers are given refunds or a replacement in order to right any wrongs that may have been made. With available customer service reps to answer calls, emails or personally speak face to face, every concern is promptly taken care of.

How Avas Flowers Delivers Your Flower Arrangement

Through a variety of resources, Avas Flowers gets their flower orders delivered by using their own vans, Federal Express and through their affiliated network of florists across the nation. Their service fee for orders within the states is $13.95. International shipments are available as well for a handling fee of $24.99. Thanks to Avas Flowers’s network of florists across the country and the world, they are able to service each and every request for beautiful and thoughtful floral arrangements and gifts.

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