Ask the Experts: Does my Stainless Steel sink need sound dampening?

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Upgrading your sink is a easy, and affordable, way to spruce up your kitchen remodel. Stainless Steel is the most popular choice for today’s kitchens because of its clean look and durability. When browsing for a new stainless steel sink, the options can be endless. One thing to look for is whether the sink is equipped with sound dampening material. Most Stainless Steel sinks have sound dampening pads or a coating, but do we really need that extra feature?

Q: Does my Stainless Steel sink need sound dampening?

A: Sound dampening is not required of Stainless Steel sinks, and not having this feature won’t affect the quality or durability of the sink. But the added benefits of sound dampening will change your entire Stainless Steel sink experience.

We spoke to our sink provider, Solera Sinks, and asked them what benefits sound dampening material has in Stainless Steel Sinks. “Sound dampening makes a huge difference in the overall performance of the sink and minimizes the “tin” sound when water is running or dripping.” Solera uses a dual sound dampening system equipped with sound dampening pads and insulation spray coating. As an added bonus, this insulated coating also prevents dripping and condensation buildup under the sink.

Solera uses sound dampening pads as well as an insulated coating in their dual sound dampening system.

Without sound dampening material, even the thickest gauge, highest quality sink will sound thin and noisy when running water or places dishes in the sink.  In the end, sound dampening is not required, but it keeps the noise level down, resulting in a satisfying experience every time you use your sink.


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